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Account Creation Filters

In an effort to combat the constant onslaught from spambots while trying not to place too much of a burden on legitimate users by forcing them to complete CAPTCHAs and similar annoying barriers, the Luxology SDK wiki employs a regex based username filter. While the filters should catch the majority of bots they should, hopefully, not catch out too many legitimate registration requests but it's inevitable that some people may fall foul of the restrictions that are in place. The following set of conditions are the ones that are currently in place. If your registration is failing because of a 'regex' error, check this list to make sure that the username you're trying to sign up with doesn't violate any of the rules and try again:

  • Usernames must not end with 3 or more digits. E.G. 'JohnDoe356', 'Jane Doe 2012'.
  • Usernames must be at least 3 characters but not more than 20 characters.